We are thankful that both kids have learned to be safe drivers

We would like to thank Accurate Driving School and Haji for helping our kids both get their driving licenses over the past few years. We registered our oldest child for the in-class portion of her driving lessons in November 2013, followed by in-car lessons with Haji. In August 2014 she took her G2 test and passed. In September 2015 she got her G license. Leading up to her G test she took several in-car lessons with Haji to prepare her for the highway-driving test. When it came time for our son to take his driving lessons we signed him up, right after his 16th birthday in September 2015 for the in-class lessons. We requested Haji to be his instructor for the in-car lessons. Last week June 2, 2016 he took his road test, at the Oshawa Testing Centre, and passed the G2 driving test. Our kids confidently passed all of their driving tests on the first try. We are thankful that both kids have learned to be safe drivers thanks to Haji and Accurate Driving School. Both kids commented on how kind and patient Haji was as an instructor. Having Haji take the kids for a lesson just before the test and use his car for the test helped them feel confident on test day. We have recommended Accurate Driving School to our friends with kids, and will continue to do so. We know we will be in touch with Haji again, to help our son get ready for his final G test next spring.